Services designed for any type of contractor.

Morton House helps contractors and freelancers make the most out of their money. We minimise hassle allowing for greater freedom, no matter what stage a career may be at.

The UK’s contingent workforce continues to flourish, rapidly diversifying employment arrangements. We work across an array of sectors and cater for many different circumstances and payroll preferences.  Our services include Umbrella, PAYE, CIS (Construction Industry Scheme), Joint Employment and Limited company.

We guarantee absolute compliance and complete security, so contractors can rest assured that their payroll, tax and employment solutions are properly taken care of.

Contractor benefits:

With a choice of models, contractors are be able to find a straightforward payroll solution that suits them and maximizes their take-home pay. These include Umbrella, PAYE, CIS, Joint Employment and PSC (Limited Company). With Morton House, contractors can expect:

  • Competitive margins.
  • Clear take-home pay calculations.
  • Compliant payslips (including any deductions).
  • Free wage advances (no fees or interest).